Digital High Pressure Laminate (dHPL) - Excellent color and resolution - up to 240 dpi.. Resistant to moisture & temperature. UV resistance good. Custom shapes possible. Vandal resistant. Self supporting at 1/2" thickness. 10 year warranty. Approx. $60 - 70 per sq. ft. @ 1/2" thickness.

Fiberglass Embedded - Excellent color and resolution. Vandal resistant. Was once the industry standard prior to dHPL. 10 year warranty. Must be framed or supported. UV resistance fair - problems with yellowing and fading in bright sun. Approx. $40 - 50 per sq. ft. @ 1/6" thickness.

Fused Polycarbonate - Similar to dHPL. Laminate allows for up to 1400 dpi. Image protected under sacrificial coat. Can be backlit. Top surface softer than dHPL - so it can be damaged more easily, though top coat can often be rubbed out clear. 10 year warranty. Approx. $60 - 75 per sq. ft. @ 1/2" thickness.

Porcelain Enamel - Beutiful color and image quality. Resistant to over-painting or engraving. Can be seriously damaged by blunt force cracking enamel. Most appropriate in controlled settings. 25 year warranty. Must be suported. Approx. $250 per sq. ft.


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Interpretive Services: Interpretive Services: Interpretive master planning, design & layout, production of artwork, fabrication management, historic photo restoration, event identity & marketing. Site plans, color proofs, user surveys, theme, publicity, budgets.

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